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for multiplication & mission

Declaration Church is walking out a defining point in our history. We are part of a movement of God that will reach much further than the walls of a building and will literally impact generations to come. We will raise the banner of Jesus over thousands of homes and families.



in the middle of...



in a 10 mile radius



to encounter & follow Jesus

We are called to SET THE TABLE — that means we must love, serve, go, and give. This truly has been a significantly defining season, both deepening our relationship and dependence upon God, as well as bringing life-change inside our church family, all while declaring great hope to our whole community!

And now here we are approaching a midpoint of this two-year discipleship journey. We want you to be encouraged and also challenged by all God continues to do in us and through us as a church. While our initial outpouring of generosity and commitment to this initiative has been truly unprecedented, we will not rest. We CANNOT REST. Time is short and the spiritual need is critical. The Gospel message is urgent and we do not take it lightly.

God is preparing a banquet. He is setting the table, even now. He is opening doors through our mission and multiplication as a church to set the table for others to know Him in salvation, true hope, unconditional love, and fulfilling purpose. God wants everyone at His table. Everyone’s invited!

Whether you are starting new to this journey, staying faithful through it, or deepening the commitment of generosity the Lord has called you to, we want to humbly yet boldly ask you to stand firm in your commitment to put first the Kingdom of God. Remain open-handed to the Lord declaring that you will SET THE TABLE for generations to come encounter and follow Jesus.

We love you church and we are setting the table with you! We are humbled to be your pastors and love giving and serving alongside you.

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Setting the Table
for Mission

$ 3.5 M I L L I O N

We will continue to work towards our permanent footprint.

  • Declaration will double the number of mission trips taken this year.

  • Missions strategies will launch, solidifying Declaration’s heart and direction on the mission field.

  • Flood Of Love will expand its reach partnering with Generosity Feeds, Breakfast in the Park, and summer outreach to local apartments.

  • Our Generations departments will double the number of outreach events from last year.

  • Declaration staff will equip a new team member for the development of Generations Worship.


Setting the Table
for Multiplication

$ 2 . 7 M I L L I O N

(expanded from $2.3M)

We will continue to work towards our permanent footprint.

  • We have sold 3 lots and have 8 left to sell. Keep praying church!

  • Declaration will further develop leadership pipeline strategies within Generations, Worship, and campus church planting.

  • We will work towards the opening of a Mothers Day Out in order to serve families and share the Gospel with those in our community.

  • We will solidify a strategic partnership with Bible seminaries. These programs, at Declaration’s first campus, will be designed to develop Biblical literacy and discipleship by comprehension through both non-degree and accredited programs.

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everyone's invited

This is not about building a building for people; it’s about building people.

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Want to know more about Setting the Table?

Download our series workbook for a deeper dive into our journey as we continue to SET THE TABLE for our commUNITY and beyond.

Copies available now!

Stories & Updates
Hear from people in our church who are Setting the Table.


Actual Giving

(As of October 2023)


Giving Total To-Date

(As of October 2023)


Total Committed

164 commitments


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.



  • If we are committing to Setting the Table, how does this change my giving to missions, the general fund, and other special offerings?
    During this two-year period (April 2022 - April 2024), every gift you bring to God through Declaration Church is a contribution to the Setting the Table Initiative. Through the “One Fund” approach we are taking, all ministry initiatives and all money supporting those initiatives which will be included in Setting the Table.
  • How can I be a part of Setting the Table and what are you asking of me?
    You can absolutely be a part of Setting the Table by engaging, and our hope is that you will! Our prayer is for 100% participation of our church body at large, whether in person or online. Participation is first and foremost taking a faith step forward in the areas of discipleship and generosity. While we encourage Biblical tithing and sacrificial giving, we never want anyone to feel an obligation, but rather, the opportunity to live in obedience to the Lord in the area of stewardship. Because of this, all we ever ask is that you to pray and ask God about giving through Declaration. Then, we ask you simply be obedient to what He asks of you, as soon as You discern His prompting.
  • Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give more towards Setting the Table?
    Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give towards Setting the Table. You might have some stocks, property, or other items of that nature. Or you may have some stored resources that God has blessed you with in the past that he just might be calling you to give out of during this time. Please let us know if you need assistance with facilitating gifts of property or stock, and we would be happy to help you with that. You can contact the finance team at or visit for more information about making a gift of this type.
  • How long is my commitment?
    We are asking that everyone make a two-year commitment, which is 24 months. The fulfillment period for your commitment will begin in April 2022 and it will culminate in April 2024.
  • What if I am in debt right now? Am I still supposed to give?
    If you are currently making payments toward debt, we commend you for making progress toward financial freedom. We would be honored to help you on this journey by recommending budgeting tools and resources if that is helpful to you. Being in debt does not, however, excuse us from bringing our first and best to God. Generosity back to God is not about what God wants from you, but what He wants for you. Often, our small groups at Declaration will offer a Financial Peace study to assist your family in getting on the road to financial freedom. We believe your freedom is God’s will and we would be honored to help you find freedom in your finances and stewardship.
  • What if I am new around here or what if I’ve never given through Declaration before?
    The primary goal of Setting the Table Initiative is 100% engagement. One person can’t do everything but everyone can do something. In the Generosity Journey, we are reminded that taking a step of obedience is what matters and what brings God’s blessing. So even when you are new to a journey of generosity, ask God how you can be radically generous towards Him, listen for an answer, and be obedient. Every dollar is celebrated and valued in a One Fund Initiative!
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